What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Shoot | Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

Engaged? Congratulations! One of the most common questions photographers get from newly betrothed couples is what to wear for their engagement shoot. So, lovebirds: Here's the down and dirty on what to wear (and what NOT to wear) for those engagement photos!

1. Coordinate

Head-to-toe matching looks can come off as cheesy and staged, but wearing outfits in complimentary color families is a definite "do." Don't shy away from bright pops of color, but be sure to avoid anything with busy patterns or overwhelming neon colors. Trendy patterns or logos will date your photos, and neon colors will make your skin look less than great on camera. 

It's also important to consider the formality of your wardrobe choices, and make sure that you're both similarly casual or dressy. Both looks are great, but not at the same time. You don't want to be wearing a fabulous silk cocktail dress while your sweetie rocks ripped jeans and a t-shirt from your alma mater. Both looks can make for amazing photos, but you should both be dressed appropriately for the desired "feel" of your session.

2. Be Comfortable

If you aren't used to teetering around in heels and fancy little dresses, don't pick today to start! You want to wear clothes that you feel like the most beautiful, relaxed version of yourself. If you're most comfortable in jeans and your favorite top, wear that! If you're teetering in heels you never wear and tugging at your clothes all day, that discomfort will show in your photos. Wear clothes that fit well, be yourself, and enjoy the day with your sweetheart! 

3. Change It Up

Bring along an extra change of clothes, and you'll get more bang for your buck! Layering is another great way to achieve a variety of looks, and is especially good for staying comfortable (see #1) if you're shooting outdoors.

4. Accessorize!

A fabulous hat or scarf will not only personality, great accessories give you something to do with nervous hands and help photos look more natural and rich. Ladies, while we don't want to upstage that gorgeous new rock on your hand, a statement necklace or a pair of show stopping earrings can add texture and a bit of celebratory sparkle. 

5. Be Fresh

New shoes, freshly trimmed or colored hair, and professional make-up will obviously look great on camera. Most importantly, any of these things will help you to feel confident, and we all know confidence is the sexiest thing one can wear! You know we all want to see that ring, so get a fresh manicure, and avoid jewelry that will compete with it. Make sure your clothes are freshly laundered and pressed. A special outfit purchased for your portrait session is great, just make sure to wear it a few times beforehand to avoid stiffness and ensure that you'll be comfortable the day of your shoot.

6. Smile!

While the tips above will come in handy when selecting your outfits, the most important ingredient in a fabulous engagement portrait session is your happiness and excitement for each other. This is one of the best times of your life, you're about to marry The One! Let your love shine through in your face, and those photos will be beautiful no matter what you wear.