Kristen & Mike | Estes Park Colorado Engagement Photographer

This couple is super special to me...we were introduced through a fellow photographer pal and hit it off right from the start. A salt to the earth kinda couple. He is hilarious and she, warm and doesn't take herself....or him too seriously! It just works for these two and there was no shortage of laughter during their shoot.

Their love story began in 2011 when Kristen got a job at the same company Mike worked for. One day Kristen overheard Mike talking about forming a volleyball team so she enthusiastically jumped in the conversation and told Mike how amazing she was at volleyball, clearly overstating her skills, and to let her know if they needed more players.

Two years later, countless happy hours and volleyball games together, Mike casually mentioned he was going to a wedding and had a plus one...Once again, Kristen jumped on the opportunity to tell him she's also a great wedding date....if he was needing one. Needless to say, the rest is history and now they're engaged! 

The inspiration for their wedding day is simple, classy, but rustic we headed up the mountain to Estes park for their shoot. Enjoy!