The Irwin Family | Waterfront Park | Charleston, South Carolina

You know when you have that one friend that you can always pick back up where you left off? Well that’s Christine. See, while I don’t get to see the Irwin’s as much as I would like… they do make the time to vacation on Kiawah Island each summer - so we always make time to see each other and snap a few pictures.

Christine and I met in college at Appalachian State — where we were both Delta Zeta’s. Since then, we’ve shared many laughs, lots of dancing, her marriage to Nick, and the arrival of baby Caroline — who is not so much of a baby now!

It was a hot summer day, so we started early in the morning at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston. Caroline donned her new Lilly swimsuit and splashed and squealed around in all the fountains (and we all wished we could’ve joined her!)