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The Wedding Day First Look & 3 Reasons to Have One | Charleston SC Wedding Photographer

The First Look... Should you have one? While it's true that you give up the tradition of a couple's first glimpses of each other on their wedding day being at the altar, the First Look gives a bride and groom some private and relaxed time together before the whirlwind day of events. This time is coordinated with your photographer so that the bride approaches her waiting groom-to be and taps him on the shoulder. He turns around to see the beautiful woman he's about to marry, and some amazing photos ensue, free of time pressures. Some reasons to consider a First Look:

1. Authentic reactions. Some of the sweetest smiles I've ever seen have been on the faces of delighted guys turning around for a First Look at their bride.

2. You're nervous. It is a wonderful way to calm any jitters and walk into the day as a team.

3. Your day will flow much smoother. Portraits are usually done after the First Look, freeing you up to actually enjoy the cocktail hour before your reception and greet your guests without being rushed to get photos done. Couples occasionally invite close family members or their wedding party to be present for the First Look, and it's a wonderful experience for everyone. Whether or not you decide to invite others, enjoy this time together and pat yourself on the back for landing such a catch before heading off to say those vows!