Ashley & Allen | Cloverleaf Farm | Georgia Wedding Photography

Southern weddings can take many forms, each as lovely as the last. Today, we have a really special one!

Ashley and Allen have such an adorable story - Despite the fact that they were both University of Georgia graduates, they were set up by Allen's mother and Ashley's aunt while they were both in Savannah for residency.

The rest is history! As Ashley tells it:

" day I ran into his mother in Augusta while I was having lunch with my aunt. They know each other and so we chitchatted awhile about life, med school, etc. She told me all about her son who was in med school in Savannah. She called my aunt the next day to get my phone number to give to her son so he could take me out for dinner when I moved to Savannah for an upcoming 6 week OB/GYN rotation. I didn't think much of it and quickly forgot about giving her my number. Three months later I was getting settled into my new room in Savannah when a guy called. It was that August lady's son, Allen! I was positive that he was a huge nerd and not the type of guy I would be interested in dating so I politely said "maybe another time" which really meant "maybe not". I think he was relieved (he thought I was likely a huge nerd as well) until his mom insisted that he call again. He did and given his persistence and the unlikeliness of him letting it go, we set up a time to have dinner. We went to a southern restaurant called Sweet Potatoes and we have been each other's sweet potato ever since. Hehe! Four years later he proposed to me at that same restaurant at the same table where we had our first meal together on our blind date. Awwwww!"

Their wedding day at Cloverleaf Farm was a perfect balance playfulness and refinement- Ashley wore a detailed lace gown with chic espadrille wedges, while Allen's silk paisley bow tie and spunky green socks brought some flair to a classic suit. In true Athens style, the party was wild - moms were dancing, and the groom even played drums! 

Venue: Cloverleaf Farm
Wedding Planner: Genie at WedED
Catering:  Epting Events
Rentals:  Greg Hall & Co., Goodwin Events, Connie Duglin Linens
Minister - Rev. Bill Coates
Music - Dr. Tony McCutcheon, Creativity, Music Garden –Dobbins Cosby
Floral Design - Greg Hall & Co.
Hair Stylist - Donnatella Alexander
MUA - Anna Zoe | Accomodations - Hotel Indigo
Transportation - Classic City Transportation, Hawkins Transportation