Emma & Nick | 3 Tips for Styling a Couple's Shoot | Charleston Wedding Photographer


A quick browse of the Pinterest wedding boards or any major wedding blog will turn up enough dizzyingly perfect images to make your head spin. By following these guidelines, you too can have a fabulous styled shoot with your sweetheart! 

To illustrate, here's one of of my favorite couple's sessions to date: Nick is a talented photographer who often second shoots for me at weddings, and Emma is his gorgeous girlfriend. They are irresistibly cute together, and the inspiration for this post. 

When planning a portrait session with your sweetie, keeping in mind these tips will prevent your photos from looking overly styled, haphazard, or strained and leave you with meaningful, swoon-worthy results. Now - on to the tips!

1.  Keep It Simple

We all love props, and they can go a long way in adding a playful feel to your photos. However, too many props, or props that don't fit into the theme you're after will distract more than help. Emma and Nick's casual and slightly bohemian style looks right at home next to a vintage VW Beetle with a floral arrangement creatively draped on the front bumper.

2. Communicate!

Talk to your photographer AND your partner in advance of the shoot about the mood you'd like to accomplish, and the day of will be much more seamless. Your photographer will likely have some great ideas about location and timing, and the more in tune you are as a couple, the more fun you'll have!

3. Have Fun!

It should go without saying, but it's easy to get caught up in the excitement and details of a styled shoot. By planning ahead and communicating you will be more relaxed, and with all the time you'll save by being prepared for the day of your shoot, there will be even more time for those fun, spontaneous shots that always end up being our favorites.